Take Anywhere Video Cameras

Since I am into taking videos, I always make it a point to have a device with me that will allow me to film interesting things around me. There are times when I end up deleting the videos that I have taken but at the time that I was taking them, it was still a fun experience. I have to tell you that it is important to have that one device that you can take with you anywhere because you will never know when the need for taking videos will come. The great thing about this is that the gadget that you have need not be expensive.

iphone concert recordingI have to tell you that when I need to run errands, I always bring my iPhone with me. Not only will it be easy for people to contact me whenever they need me, I can also take short video clips that are good in quality without having to bring anything else with me. Most of the time, I use my iPhone to take good videos of nature or sometimes the city lights at night. Most of the time, I just use it to take a video of my friends and the people I love. The city life is also one of the things that I always take a video of. It is just so different from the suburbs that when I do get to the suburbs, I cannot help but take another video to compare and contrast the two.

Go Pro - Hero 3I do know that the iPhone has some limitations though so when I go on trips like when I go to the beach, I use my Go Pro instead. If you are not familiar with the Go Pro, this is a well known video camera or camera that can be used on the beach or when doing activities wherein the normal camcorder or video camera will fail. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the Go Pro before and I have done enough research. It was all worth it. Right now, I still use my Go Pro to take awesome videos of nature and also the different interesting situations that I see in different areas that I go to.

The two items that I have mentioned above are very easy to acquire because one can be used basically everywhere and can also do a lot of  other functions while the other one is a must have for the gadget savvy without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Studying for Your Passion

If you are about to enter the University of your Dreams, do you already have a clear idea about what course you are going to get? Are you sure about the lessons that you would like to study? When I was about to go to college, I also had the dilemma of choosing the course that can help make me a lot of money or choosing the course that I have always wanted to take which is film making. I have to tell you that it was not easy. I had to consult with so many people. Finally, I consulted with my parents and I am extremely lucky that they told me that I should follow what I feel is right for me. I know that most parents will say otherwise. When I heard my parents’ approval regarding film making, I knew then that I was on my road to fulfilling my dream.

Often times, I have heard other people advising people that they are close to, to just study the course that is the most in demand, the course that will give a lot of cash in the future. While this may seem practical right now, a lot of people end up hating the course that they have chosen. They lose passion for studying and sometimes, they drop out.

This has already happened to some of my classmates in other subjects that were learning different courses from me. They ended up not liking what they had to do so they either switched to another course or they just ended up working early because they do not want to study anymore.

Friends studying outdoorStudying for Passion

There are times when people who are analytical and very straightforward might think that passion is unnecessary in order to achieve things but here are just some of the things to remember:

  • Being passionate about something will help the appreciation for the craft to grow fonder. I liked film making from the very beginning but in the end, I really loved it.
  • Studying will become easier because things can be easily understood. You have to admit that sometimes, it is hard for you to study some lessons because you do not understand why you need to study that lesson in particular. If you are passionate about what you are learning, you tend to forget to question the need to learn because you already understand the reasons why.
  • Studying for passion can make you more truthful and you will tend to accept reality easier. I know that in film making, there are some things that I still have to improve and instead of getting disheartened, I strived and I am still striving to make things better.

I have to say that during the whole time that I was studying, I never felt a burn out. I was always on the go, I was always ready for new adventures that was always related to film making.

Some people have said that once people already see the money that they have always wanted to get, they will forget about their passion or the things that they have always wanted to do but what if the two can be integrated? Won’t that be better? Some people who are working for money may be happy that they are increasing the amount of money that they have, they are increasing their net worth but is the money worth every pain, every effort into doing something that they are not passionate about? If the time would come that you have to choose, what do you think will be your best choice? I chose to study for passion and I do not regret it one bit.

Taking Blood for a Living

When I was 15 years old, I got admitted to a health care facility due to pneumonia. My lungs just could not handle the crazy weather changes in our world. I was never afraid of hospitals nor blood and needles.

I take blood for a livingIn fact, I was always amused at how the people who worked in this profession, did their thing. I was an avid fan of the TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, because I’ve always pretended I knew a lot of things about hospitals and medical procedures. There were even times when I acted like I was a doctor and would dissect a chicken we were having for dinner.

And so there I was lying patiently in the emergency room waiting to be attended by my doctor. Medical personnel approached me after a few minutes and started inserting an enormous needle in my hand. I think it’s what they refer to as the IVF (intravenous fluid). I could swear what she did looked easy, until seven years later when I started phlebotomist training.

I found myself sweating a whole lot than the usual (yes despite Winter) when I was asked to demonstrate a phlebotomy procedure – the process of incising the vein with the use of a needle. I can distinctly remember hurting my laboratory partner three times just because I could not properly locate his vein on the hand.

Now, I am proud to say that I am a licensed phlebotomist assigned in the Pediatrics Ward. I insert catheters and needles in those tiny hands and there are times when I can just remember how and when this passion even started – during my junior years when I would not stop coughing and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Taking blood for a living is very rewarding. The moment your patient willingly extends his or her hand to you implies a simple form of surrender for them to trust you, and not to hurt them (at least not that much). The relief I see on the faces of my patients every time I finish a procedure is such a great sight to behold. Well, not everything is sugar and spice though. I must admit there are those rather challenging episodes when you have to really convince to the point of almost forcing the patient to do the procedure (well, it’s the parents who have the say in the Pediatrics Ward, so that is kind of a good thing for me).

Becoming a phlebotomist is something I am very proud of. I would strongly suggest this challenging role to all young medical professionals who have yet to discover their very own career path. It may sound a little scary (and messy) at times, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely realize what a brave soul you have.

Taking blood for a living is just not an ordinary job that any old person can do. It takes courage, great confidence and strong skills to deliver a satisfactory output. If you believe you have all these qualities, then maybe this one’s just for you.

Is Using a Vaporizer Healthier than Smoking?

A vaporizer is perhaps one of the many inventions that extremely fascinates people. A lot of people may have encountered a vaporizer some time or another, yet fail to understand its functions.

Though smoking has been widely publicised as something dangerous to the one’s health, many still take part of the experience and once they do, they can’t seem to stop the habit. Then came the invention of vaporizers.

Vaporizers are fascinatingly useful, and the average person simply does not understand how they work or why they’re such a great tool to own. They usually take the place of actual cigarettes for smoking.

Smoking directly gives a negative impact to people considering the inhalation process, which affects even those surrounding the smoker. The inhalation of the smoke gives off carcinogens which are damaging to the respiratory tract from the wind pipe down the lungs.


The smoke inhaled irritates the person’s windpipe, bronchial tree and the lungs. When this is done frequently, a significant damage such as lung cancer can actually take effect. It is for this very reason that people are starting to look for alternatives that can continually give them the pleasure of a smoking experience without actually compromising their health; and vaporizers do just that.

Even portable vaporizers are being introduced in the market today to mirror the convenience of carrying a smoke cigarette.

A vaporizer works quite the same as the ordinary smoke only that instead of the cigarette buds producing plentiful quantity of smoke, it dehumidifies the buds leading to a production of vapour even without igniting them.

This also stops the mixing of chemicals in the atmosphere. In simpler illustrations, the vaporizer removes chemicals that causes burning of the buds, hence, it becomes unharmful.

vaporizer-penIt is helpful to understand that the chemical reaction which is the actual harm in smoking happens when there is interaction of the burnt cigarette and the chemicals in the atmosphere. And since so many people are surrounding smokers, they are put at an even higher risk without their knowledge. And whilst vaporizers effect similarly to cigarettes, in terms of health, vaporizers still always takes home the win.

There are several benefits one can get from vaporizers, aside from the elimination of the negative byproducts of cigarette-smoking: you no longer need ash containers or an ashtray, as the used buds can simply be thrown away.

Another thing that people are most happy about using vaporizers if the elimination of stained yellow teeth. Yes, there is no more resin accumulation, which is the main culprit for teeth stains. Furthermore, vaporizers do not emit a strong vapor odor; though the scent is not completely absent, a less irritating odor is surely far better.

A lot of people who previously smoked cigarettes have shifted to using a vaporizer today.

And what most people ask is whether using a vaporizer is healthier than smoking. And with all the pros and cons presented, you can greatly tell which one has an edge over the other.

All Time Classic Film

I have always said that I love classic films. There is just something so intricate and special about each classic film was made. Right now, the graphics and the items that are used to make videos are already highly realistic but there are instances when because of this, the story line and the main lesson of the movie become lost in translation. Admittedly, a lot of movies are being made every day and while a lot of these movies are appreciated, just how many of these films will still be remembered in the future? How many films will still be labeled as “must watch” films decades from now?

Classic Films to See

It would be hard to limit the films that I would recommend to be seen right now but I have chosen quite a few which I feel should be given the attention that they deserve. These are just some of the classic films that are just great.

  1. The Godfather LogoGodfather – While this film is still considered to be a bit new since it was made in 1972, you will still hear some people saying that this is a must watch film. It was made well and it is very much considered a masterpiece because of the awesome casting and of course, the great story. The story is about a man who is forced to take over the family business. It does not sound like much, right? You may think this way until you see the movie and you realize just how complicated it is.
  2. The Ten CommandmentsThe 10 Commandments – Religion is always one of those things that most people do not want to talk about because people have different beliefs. Yet, a lot of people did not complain that they watched this movie that was shown on screen in 1956. There are a lot of movies about religion already made but this is definitely the best one to see. From the cast, to the story lifted from the bible, this can be watched all over and over again.
  3. CasablancaCasablanca – A classic film list will not be complete without a great love story. The Casablanca is a great love story that will manage to touch people’s hearts wholeheartedly even though it was created a long time ago in 1942. A lot of people who have watched this movie say that they like to show it to others. Love stories never grow old and this movie just depicts that.
  4. Gone with the WindGone With the Wind – Who has not heard of this movie? It seems that people are not allowed to go on with their lives without watching this. The cast of the movie is great and it contained songs that are very easy to hear for the ears. The story line at that time was still something new and it managed to get a lot of great reviews then. It is still getting good reviews now.

These classic films that I have mentioned are just some of the films that should be watched. There are still a lot more that are waiting to be discovered. Take time to check out the various classic films now to see its difference with modern films.